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Originally Posted by YodaDroid View Post
So i'm biased.....

If it makes you feel any better, I'll stop giving you guys insights as they come my way.
Yoda, all of us are biased in some way or another. Some of us will jump on the Bionic on Day 1 and proclaim it to be the best phone ever even if it has issues we don't like and even if we know that there are bigger better phones coming out less than 2 months later.

None of us care if you say the Bionic is awesome or that it will be worth it. A ton of us agree with you. It's just the comments like "My Bionic is getting a 12 hour charge so far and I've downloaded at 51 mps in the city" garbage. If you do actually have one, it would be the easiest thing in the world to take a picture of it with a current newspaper and post it. That would turn you into a phone rock-god and make us (your detractors) look like total idiots and shut us up. You wouldn't be in any trouble if you really are a tester, because there have been so many leaked pics of it lately, no one would know who it was.

I've seen some really insightful and smart posts from you here and there. Keep those coming.
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