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Default Screen Calibration + Cell Standby

So far the daughter is happy with her Replenish. As an EVO owner helping her to customize and troubleshoot there are two things I can't figure out.

1. I can't get to a digitizer screen to re-calibrate as I can for my EVO and the spouse's Epic. It's just not under the same options, and I can't seem to find an app for it in the Market. Her screen needs it badly.

2 Her Cell Standby time is very least compared with mine. I don't talk on mine much - more data and texting than anything, and it's the same for hers. My Cell Standby is at 7%, her is at 70%. I did make sure that she has the latest PRL, but I wanted to verify that network settings pointed to CDMA PRL and not GSM....that's something that can happen with other phones. On my EVO I downloaded Mangelow's excellent Network app, but it's not available in the Market for the Replenish. I tried a code that I've seen others post here (can't remember it off hand, but it was lots of * # before and after the number 4636). That code doesn't work on the Replenish.

Any ideas?
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