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Originally Posted by PyroSporker View Post
What good news for those dealing with this issue!
Out of my own curiosity and for the benefit of others I wish it said what the actual problem is instead of just describing the symptoms and saying that it will be fixed. My inquiring mind needs to know, even if it is some deep OS issue that I won't understand.
I also hope this fix works for the majority of people. Sometimes a common symptom can be caused by different things (though this seems pretty specific), or the problem can be multi-faceted. Oh well time will tell, hope the OTA comes soon for you guys.

I'll make this short and simple for you. The cause is simply a software issue that is only affecting a handful of phones currently. I have had mine for a couple of days and already have had three reboots. I have zero apps installed, ZERO. All I have done to my phone is use the web, text, and calling. I have been busy.

Once was at work with low signal(which should not matter anyways), once at my parents, and once at my house, both which get me almost full bars there.

I did a factory reset after the second one and pulled battery which I shouldn't have needed to anyways since I haven't even installed anything but figured it wouldn't be a problem since all I would lose was call log and text messages.

So bottom line it seems this is just a software bug, common in new phones and software updates. Hopefully this is widespread enough where they push an OTA fast.

Sorry for everyone that is experiencing this and lets hope it is resolves soon enough.
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