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Default Download failure, not installation!

Originally Posted by jj2me View Post
What do you mean by "700MB available in all 3 of my storage locations"? The error code was written by a developer, who normally calls RAM memory, of which there is only 512MB, but really only max 368MB available. What are the other two storage locations you're referring to?

I'm going to create a new thread entitled "RAM-constrained phone" or some such. We're always seeing problems when RAM gets around 70MB. I have to use Superbox's "Free Memory" button all too often to free memory (RAM), because the freeable memory that is supposed to be freed up when needed, never seems to get freed up before I see problems.
Thank you all for your replies, but if you read my original post it was a download failure. Not a installation failure. How could the phone run out of RAM from downloading a file??? I downloaded the same exact file (.bin) from a post on XDA forums. Of course on the Revolution there is little you can do with the file since there is really no recovery. I suppose I could have tried ADB, but I just ended up doing a factory data reset. I tried clearing all the cache that I could, but it always (every single time) failed when I got to 50% downloaded.

The storage I'm referring to is my 32GB SD Card, the 12GB internal SD Card (cannot be removed, they call this "Internal Memory") and what they call "Internal Phone Storage"(about 1.5 GB before installing apps). I'm convinced that LG and Verizon are putting this download file into some internal storage that the regular user cannot write to or delete from. My freakin' Droid 1 never had an issue downloading an OTA!!! With far less RAM and internal phone storage than the REVO.

Note: Sorry if I wasn't clear, after the factory data reset my phone downloaded and installed the OTA update just fine.
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