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Originally Posted by jj2me View Post
The evidence you've provided so far really doesn't point to storage. I'll give you my reasons, but not engage anymore in this discussion.

1. VZW download site only says it takes 70MB. That seems the requirement for free space. Did you have that much internal storage (you only reported a combined figure of 700MB)? If you had less, then yes, that's the problem, but you wouldn't have omitted that obvious key piece of information.

2. XDA download success vs. VZW OTA app failure during download points more to RAM depletion, because of the difference in what they're doing:

--- XDA download: a simple FTP.

--- VZW OTA app: very probably has more built-in checks, because it's important that the download is complete, not corrupt, and timely (for people who don't have good signal). For example, maybe at 50% it does extra file corruption checks, and then checkpoints the download. That takes more RAM than a simple FTP. <===== This is my guess of the problem.

3. If you had enough storage, like 75 MB internal storage, then we could go with something like your theory that you say you're convinced of, that there's a special kind of limited temporary storage used, even though VZW only says "Note: The size for this software upgrade is 69.5 MB." That would mean they are giving the wrong requirement, and there is a terrible bug that you and others will experience even though you have well more than 70 MB available. Could be true, but seems less likely than RAM depletion.

4. It could be some other bug, different from RAM or storage. But the error message said "memory." So this too seems less likely.

5. The OTA download worked once you cleared RAM (reset the phone). (The alternative theory of some special limited download memory space being released could also hold, but certainly you cleared RAM.)

6. This is a RAM-constrained phone, where RAM depletion is a common cause of all sorts of problems. It is definitely not a storage-constrained phone. Again, likelihood to RAM depletion.

P.S. That app you linked to seems to be only a cache cleaner, which frees internal storage. Of all the phones in the world, the Revo least needs a cache cleaner. We have 1.5GB of user-usable internal storage (the LG Optimus has only 179 MB!) But the LG Optimus has more available RAM than our Revo (thanks in part to the Revo's VZW crapware). We're memory constrained, and something like Superbox has a "Free Memory" button (it also has a cache cleaner, but you've gotta have a gaggle of apps installed on the Revo and none moved to the SD card before a cache cleaner is a necessity).
I just gotta say one thing. Shouldn't a regular reboot, or as you say "reset" clear the RAM??? I performed several reboots at times between download attempts. The Factory Data Reset I did obviously cleared all of the internal storage (to include cache) but a regular reboot should clear the RAM. You are not very convincing. It's all in the past anyways at this point.
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