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Originally Posted by jtlind01 View Post
So I am curious I am not a seasoned vet on roms and recoveries and how to do everything but I saw all the posts on how to put clockwork mod as a recovery on manually and wondered why it is not being written on doing it through ROM manager. All I had to do was select flash clockwork mod and it flashed and installed in about 10 seconds. Like I said I'm nowhere near as advanced as everyone on here so it may have been written already and I missed it or what I flashed is not an updated version or something. Just thought maybe it was worth writing about.
No, I think you have a very good point, so I've moved it into the main sticky.

It was in the flow of the previous sticky thread on rooting - and there is an earlier short thread pointing to it. We're in the process of re-organizing the rooting info, but I agree, using ROM Manager is an important strategy.

Moreover, unless they've changed the recovery-tool, the CWM that gets installed is and it's buggy - will prevent charging while off - is better.

For those of us preferring not migrating to twrp, this is an important issue, and I'm glad you mentioned it!


Note to novox77 - Your OP is out of date on the CWM image - this one is current:

If you don't get a chance to integrate this into your OP, I'll do it later.

PS - OK, the ROM Manager post is in here, from Aug 3 - long weekend.
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