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Originally Posted by jroc View Post
I will be the first to many a Pentile debate I've been in...

I totally didnt see it until it was pointed out. I looked at that pic at least 5 times earlier, left the site, came back to these new posts...and wouldnt have even noticed it.
I can see the rough grain of the gradient backgrounds, but that could be caused (at least on a desktop LCD) by a cheap 18-bit rather than 24-bit panel.

The displayed text looks good to me, but smaller and finer fonts might reveal another story.

Part of the problem is that there's no way that you'll see any subpixel issues of a 960x540 display in a mostly-encompassing photo that's itself 912x684 pixels.

Yoda, any chance you can take an even closer macro photo with smaller text, ideally w/colored foregrounds and backgrounds? TIA.

BTW, not to be obnoxious or anything... but the phone in the pic doesn't actually contain any identification as being a Bionic...
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