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You have probably seen this, but just some suggestions from the Wiki:

The Blade battery does not charge anymore, what is going on?
You connect the charging cable, but the charging animation does not appear or vanish quickly again, or the animation is shown, but no charging actually takes place. This occasionally happens but no definite solution is known. Some random facts:
Symptom: Using the Blade charger, AC charging is reported, but nothing actually happens. Dis-/reconnecting the charger several times sometimes fixes the problem. - This might be due to a broken charger.
Symptom: Charging via third-party USB charger, and the Blade does not report charging at all, or the charging animation disappears quickly after connecting the cable. - USB voltage too low (i.e., bad or broken USB charger).
Test connecting the mobile to a PC USB port if you suspect the charger is broken. USB is powered by the PC power supply which has much better power quality than typical wall warts. Be aware normal USB charging is slower though (takes about 4 hours).
If you have the equipment, measure the charger voltage under load (a 10 Ohms resistor does the job). If voltage is below 4.7V, the charger is broken.
The ROM has little control over the charging process so it is unlikely (but not impossible) the problem is ROM related.
A more reliable indication for whether the battery is charging or not is observing the battery voltage. If it stays constant (+-1mV, not more), it is not charging. Also, the battery gets slightly warm when charging.
Some part of the charging circuity seems to reside in the battery, so it might be a broken battery.
External battery chargers are available.
Wiping battery stats in ClockworkMod might or might not help.
Got a voltmeter and a 10 Ohm resistor as load?

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