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Originally Posted by tehsusenoh View Post
Here's a demonstration I made with the photo he took.
Oh yeah, I can see it now. I don't know. I think that you'll be irritated by the screen only if you put your nose up to it. If you're looking at it from a normal distance of around 2 feet away, I don't think it will matter.

Now, if the Stratosphere does turn out to be the SGSII, and I compare the 2 screens, that will be another story.

Originally Posted by Phases View Post
*cough* should would like some serious leaks/pics/info in my PM inbox *cough*


Wow. you really want to abuse your admin rights and corrupt yourself for a few pics of the Bionic? Appalling!

Yoda, you're famous!

Droid Bionic Shows Its Speed in New Image, Battery Life Said to Be Much Improved | TheWorldGadget.Com
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