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Originally Posted by rrhartjr View Post
For what it's worth, if you look at the specs..

The APQ8060 is Qualcomm's 45nm dual-core Snapdragon with Adreno 220.. with NO modem.

The radio is Qualcomm's MDM9200.. which is a standalone modem chip that provides the UMTS connectivity.

This is different than most of the Snapdragon SOCs which have the modem as part of a single chip, making it difficult to add any secondary connectivity.

A setup like this is basically similar to the HTC Thunderbolt (but different than the Charge or Revo).. except that the Thunderbolt uses the MSM8655 (which includes a full 1x/EVDO baseband.. but is only used for 1x). The Thunderbolt uses the MDM9600 for LTE connectivity (same as the MDM9200 plus support for CDMA radios.. 1x/EVDO), unfortunately duplicating the function of the MSM8655 1x/EVDO basebands..

Perhaps all this redundant silicon is what causes some of the power hunger of the Thunderbolt.

You could extrapolate that this means the way is paved for a simple architecture in a EVDO capable Galaxy S II.. because it simply means replacing the MDM9200 with a MDM9600. No worries about integrating the existing baseband.

The sacrifice is still no simultaneous data and voice/text when connected ONLY to 3G... but I think everyone is willing to live with this at this point. Only the Thunderbolt is capable of this.. not even the Charge or Revo..
Thanks for nice explanation on processor and modem chips. Do you have any idea why they are replacing Exynos with dual core Snapdragon in LTE SGS2? Just curious why it can't be done with Exynos though I'm fine with dual snapdragon.
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