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Originally Posted by lrossnm View Post
Guess it will be the Verizon N1 for me in the Spring. Sure wish we got a Bravo like HTC phone.
I really just want the following things in a phone:

1) It needs to be very capable as a phone (ie great coverage and doesn't drop calls)..for me, that means Verizon--I get coverage in surprisingly remote places.

2) A camera that doesn't have any silly limitations like no flash.

3) It needs to be durable. I am outdoors a LOT and I take my phone. My phone needs to be tough and preferably I can put it in a great case (slide out keyboards aren't great if you can't use them ensconced in a case).

4) It needs to make my life easier. I do a LOT of outside activities and most days I have with me my GPS, my phone (LG Juke--don't laugh, it's small and works well), a camera, and an ipod. I want a device to combine all of those with as few compromises as possible.

5) I want to support Android.

If it wasn't for step 5, I could already have a phone to suit my needs I'd just be using WinMo (shudder). I'd prefer HTC and Sense UI but at this point I'm getting pretty tired of waiting.
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