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Originally Posted by wolfie1981
i just want to post my phone info before flashing
will i still need to flash the radio because its already at
Absolutely not. You're already using a legitimate radio version so there is no need to flash the same one over the top of it. The only caveat is that installing the 1.66 ROM might downgrade your radio version in which case you will have to flash it back to

Originally Posted by wolfie1981
also my SPL-3.03.0000 XE is this ok or will it need downgreaded??
It looks like you will have to downgrade your ROM first. You're using a default SPL (Secondary Program Loader -- it functions just like BIOS on a PC) instead of HSPL (Hard SPL). Hard SPL will allow you to install unsigned/custom ROMS while the regular SPL will not. The post I pointed you to for installing HSPL3 says the following:

You must have any SPL version from this list on your device:
SPL 1.42.0000
SPL 1.62.0000
SPL 1.66.0000
SPL 2.07.0000
SPL 2.08.0000
SPL 2.10.0000
You should have this SPL version unless you are using the latest 3.14 ROM with SPL 3.03.0000. No worry, just downgrade your Windows Mobile ROM from v3.14 to v1.66 will do. Download HTC HD2 v1.66 ROM.

Looks like you are indeed using the latest 3.14 ROM so you will need to flash the 1.66 ROM to your phone first and then you can install 2.08HSPL. Just go download the 1.66 ROM from HTC's European web site and run the program. It should only take a few minutes and is a very simple process (you should be fully guided through):

HTC HD2 - ROM Upgrade for HTC HD2

Check your radio version after flashing this to see if it changed your radio version as well.

Edit: Maybe using HSPL4 will allow you install HSPL 2.08 directly from the SPL 3.03 you have now? I don't know but it's a thought. You're probably better off just downgrading to 1.66 and then using HSPL3 to push the right version on there though. We know this process definitely works.

P.S. Note that it says it's not for T-Mobile(US) HD2 phones. That's because the radio could brick one of our phones. It will work fine for you however.
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