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Originally Posted by clearscreen View Post
Not much since the last update, been planning on some more work coming month. Libventrilo still needs a bunch of changes done, also depending on the capabilities of AudioTrack, not sure if Android's audio system mixes multiple audiotrack streams...

We're an open source collaboration project so any assistance from some Java/Android gurus is always appreciated. I code mainly in C so my Java pretty much sucks

Progress can be tracked from our Trac page for the Android branch. You will need the NDK to build libventrilo. And don't be afraid to drop by on IRC (Freenode, #mangler).
I was able to compile libgsm in a few different ways. I have a .a file from XCode generated as well as regular old bin/ lib/ files from the Makefile. I don't necessarily want to do a make install. How do I tell ./configure to look at the built gsm directory? I've tried every ./configure option I can think of, even truss'ing and trying to trace system calls for where the heck it thinks -lgsm is coming from.

I tried --enable-gsm=PATH, --with-gsm=PATH where PATH is the src that's had make run in it. But ./configure doesn't let me point to my own copy of libgsm? Can I make install it, ./configure and then remove it? I'm actually just trying to get the Config.h built.

Sorry for the noob compiling question but I want to play with this lib.
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