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Originally Posted by djembeman View Post
So, I guess you are still un-rooted? Are you doing anything to increase battery life. Any specific app or settings? Ever since 4G came to my area I only get 6-8 hours of battery. I was getting up to 16 hours on 3G. I didn't notice a difference in battery life after the OTA, just a decrease after 4G.
I'm still unrooted (and will likely remain so until Gingerbread is pushed). I'd tried JuiceDefender for a time and it had an effect, but the radios wouldn't always wake up and I'd have to reboot the phone. I finally uninstalled it. I work in a city that recently got 4G and live in another that doesn't have it, so my phone switches when I cross the border. Before my work city got 4G, I had the radio turned off and would get 8-10 hours on the standard battery. When 4G was turned on at work I didn't notice much difference, but like I say it's not on 4G 24/7. The extended battery easily lasts 16 hours for me, but since I got the desk dock, I let the phone sit in the dock at work and power isn't an issue even with the standard battery. - MarkC
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