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Originally Posted by BlackDynamite View Post
lol, agreed. If I wanted an iPhone, I'd have one. I am not waiting on Sprint to get a phone I want. They have a phone I want already. If they didn't have the phone I want, I wouldn't be with them.
Although I don't want an iPhone either, I do hope that Sprint DOES get it. The reality of the situation is, based on the earnings and gross adds that AT&T has had over the years AND the recent gross adds that flocked to Verizon due to the iPhone, you have to admit that the rest of the public DOES want the iPhone ('cause we do know people AREN'T going to AT&T for their "great" customer service or network). And if Sprint wants to remain viable as a real alternative to the average postpaid consumer, they NEED the iPhone.

As an example, I actually work for Sprint. And my sister, who's been with AT&T for 8 years or so, refuses to hop on one of my employee plans even though she's complains about AT&T's lousy network, their high prices, and lousy customer service she's received. Considering she could save about $100/month if she hopped on one of my employee plans, she still refuses to, solely because she does not want to give up her iPhone.
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