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Originally Posted by dragon0978 View Post
Yeah it looked exactly like photo, at least the cover did, I didn't even realize that they didn't have any pics of battery on site, so I was shocked to see a silver/grey colored battery, but not in a bad way, actually looks kinda cool imo. Can't take any pics cuz phone is my only camera, but maybe ill post some of the cover and battery if i don't feel too lazy. I hope I'm not screwing up calibration by draining it right after it turned green, but if I can drain itt by bedtime, ill leave it on overnight, so not more than one cycle is "incomplete.". I've been hammering this for like 3 hrs with max brightness, live wallpaper, programs like brightest flashlight left on for mins at a time, and only halfway so far. Im impressed, but more realistic specs should be revealed tomm after overnight charge.

I never "talked" with customer service, just harassed them for a few days about tracking # via email. Little suspicious that u can't get whole of them by phone, but they said they're hiring phone staff and never let an email go unanswered for more than a few hrs. My biggest fear was spending $40 bucks for a recycled cheapo eBay, and I'm alread confident that's not the case. This things the real deal--maybe not as hearty as seiduo, but I'm guessing around whatever gorillagadgets will be like when it comes out.

My external charger is just the one that came with my regular sized spares from eBay. You gotta get one with protruding prongs "deep" enough to accomodate an extended battery, otherwise it won't fit. But i bought my accessoryswamp battery so I wouldn't have to be neurotic about keeping extra batteries charged, so unless ur such a heavy user you will need more than one extended battery, I don't think a special external charger is really worth the $ (but im cheap so to each their own)

sounds good. keep us up to date. you're not rooted, right?
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