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Originally Posted by Sasquatch View Post
Eris is a nice phone but it is limited and will feel even more limited in a couple months. Even though I want Sense, I may end up going MotoDroid in the next week or so. They are starting to make some really tough cases for it and on the forums they have it reliably running at 1ghz and with the improvements of 2.0 and 2.1 coming down the pike, it's making Sense UI less of a must have.
I agree with the last part. Improvements to the stock UI are closing the gap with Sense. While I'm not interested in the Droid, it does give me the option of going the "known specs" route of picking up the Nexus One if the Incredible, or whatever it will be called, falls short in some way, shape, or form. It's nice to have options, particularly on Verizon when normally you're limited to a single device and don't know what you're getting until release is imminent.
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