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Originally Posted by EVOlution3 View Post
Simple answer: Because Apple wants total control over every device they put on the market including pricing structure. Apple went to Verizon with the original iPhone first, but Verizon turned them down because they didn't like the control Apple wanted to have over their customers, so Apple went to AT&T. This is not good for the consumer and the more people that support the iFail, the more control over the entire market it will have.
ok...but...why would apple want to limit the use of their device? or control the pricing structure or the carriers, what do they get out of it (other than control)...

from apple is a "great" device, stream movies, be active with social media, share stuff, post on the net, talk on the phone (some at the same time as you surf) but only a little bit...huh?

seems that limiting device use would benefit the carrier, not the manufacutrer of the device...

please clarify...

Originally Posted by EVOlution3 View Post
If you ask me anyone who buys the iFail is ******ed. Not only are you supporting an over-bearing and controlling company, but the device's hardware and OS is behind in technology compared to other devices anyways....
..a little off subject, no? lets not go there right now...stick to the question at hand please(tone: polite)
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