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Originally Posted by SoCalMiles View Post
Beefier specs like 4.3 in 1ghz hopefully that's all I want. From having this Droid now I definitely want the supersonic if I'm going without a keyboard. 3.7 is nice but I'm a 6ft 2in MAN with big hands....I don't have the Burger King hands...LMAO. I want a size screen I can easily type in portrait....and it ain't 3.7. But I'll probably end up getting the first 1ghz beast they get 3.7 or 4.3.
So the last thing i'm being at this point is picky, meaning i'll take whatever code name they want to call it as long as it has an AMOLED screen, 3.7+ inch screen, some type of advanced processor (Snapdragon, Tegra/Tegra 2 (!!), OMAP 36xx), 512MB -1 GB RAM, and no physical keyboard (have Droid now, don't need physical keyboard*). I do have to admit, not having held a 4.3 inch phone, i'm not sure if I really want/need THAT BIG of a screen...i think a 4 inch is my sweet spot for plenty of real estate but still pocketable (is that a word??).

* Droid physical keyboard is not good in my opinion but if i had an advanced onscreen keyboard like HTC Sense type i wouldn't mind, but lack of multitouch on the keyboard is a REAL deal breaker for me.

So here's a left field thought/question...
Any chance that the Incredible COULD have a Tegra/Tegra 2 processor? There's all that talk about Divx (or was it Xvid?), Dolby, etc... so i wonder if this could be the way HTC gets into the nVidia/Tegra game...thoughts?
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