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This is my first Android phone after a BlackBerry Bold, having bought the Inspire the week it came out. The transition was about as expected, love the screen, the keyboard took some learning, and Android is about "as expected."

Many of the apps are not well-polished and much of the code feels like it's 98% there, but with no intention of pushing to get that last 2%. As a result the sw feels like a prototype that's ready for production... right after they clean up the code, but never did. Even compared to the Bold I've had to do more hard reset (pulling the battery) in 6 months than I did with the Bold in 2 years.

I wouldn't go back to the Bold, but so far, Android is proving to be as expected, with slighly-flakey code. It's funny to picture how Android code is developed versus Apple. With Apple I picture a bunch of programmers constantly monitored by prison guards, who, as a result, hammer code into virtually bug-free apps, or the beatings continue until moral improves. Android... is a bunch of monkeys hammering away at keyboards. Eventually through random chance, they'll come up with something that works "pretty well" but is forever buggy.

That said, I've never owned an iPhone and don't plan to, but suspect their sw is rock-solid.
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