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Originally Posted by mohammad.sham View Post
Ya sure ur most welcome to teach me, I was going to ask you what is meant by rooting ? Is it same as what we call formatting in windows ?

pls chk this one...........

How To Install Honeycomb on Android Tablet | AndroidOS Tablets

it also claims that they have new update and the interesting thing is that, they took the name of our Tablet WM8650.

pls chk it and let me will it work. as i have downloaded it but afraid of trying it.
I will check out that link later today and come back here and tell you what it says and if it is legit or not and how to install.

But basically, rooting is removing security that was pre-installed on the Android device.

For example, I have another Android device, the HTC Evo 4G. This unit comes from HTC and Sprint and Sprint and HTC have loaded all sorts of junk into the phone. This junk is stuff like apps that I don't need or want and can't get rid of. Sprint has also added some security to the phone that makes it so that I can't use the "wifi tethering" feature without paying an extra $30 to them every month.

So what rooting does is basically unlock that lock that the developers put on the device. It basically puts you in control instead of Sprint/HTC/etc. You are then able to do whatever you want with the device and on our tablets, we are able to add an American version of the Android Market or other things that it didn't initially come with.

Rooting also allows us to install what are known as ROMs. Each one of these ROMs allows us to customize the interface of the phone in any way we like. Many developers of these ROMs have taken other Android firmwares like Android 2.0, Android 2.1, Android 2.2, Android 2.3, Android 3.0, etc. and made them available for other phones that the initial developer did not intend to be put on the phone. So on our devices, once you root it, you are able to install and uninstall anything you'd like that you don't like or that you may like.

It's like having a car and ripping off the speed limiter. It allows you to set the speed you want.

I just skimmed through that link you sent me and it seems legit. I'd say go for it.

I tried using a couple of different root methods but none of them worked on my tablet until I found the right one. When those didn't work, it simply just froze. Nothing bad happened, just a freeze. If the list says that it will work, and it seems good enough to you, I'd say go ahead and try it. I may try it myself just to see but not for a while. If you do try it, let us know how your experience was.

From the way they describe the Android 3.0 version that you can install, it sounds similar to a root in that you don't have all that unnecessary junk on it. If you do install that update, you may not be able to root via our methods. But that's a maybe.

Originally Posted by emilylane1 View Post
Hi all, just wanted to share the download I was given that has turned my wm8650 from total trash to an awesome little unit.
I have the 7" 3g model, 3g external dongle, not 3g sim slot.
Blue led light, silver back, 9v model. It was only running the stupid chinese app market and would not sync with google or gmail etc but after a simple download to a micro sd its now working just like my samsung galaxy phone! Here is the download link and the simple instructions that were given to me:
DOWNLOAD THE FILES FROM THE LINK - Singularity M009s FINAL Firmware/Slatedroid Singularity M009S Final v5 (WMT1.5.0 Based).zip


Transfer "wmt_scriptcmd" and "FirmwareInstall" on to the sd card.

Those 2 things should be sitting next to each other on the main directory.
Turn your tablet off and plug it into a power point. Then insert the sd card and turn it back on. It will begin flashing the device and installing a new firmware/operating system. It will tell you when to remove the sd card. When you remove it, the tablet will automatically reboot. The first boot always takes a little while so don't be alarmed. Just wait for it to boot up.
If your tablet gives you the options of a "launcher", mine came up with 3 options and i was advised "LauncherPro" was the pick of the bunch and fastest and so far I would have to agree.
After choosing the launcher my tablet was able to access the normal android app market, i was able to sync my google account and gmail, the whole tablet just ran faster and smoother.
I did not write the ROM so cannot answer any sticky questions on its details, all I can tell you is it has this cheap tab running very sweet and I hope sharing it may help others who are tearing their hair out like i was!
Kindest Regards
Lisa in Oz
Thanks for the extra tip!
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