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Originally Posted by viral1991 View Post
Hello, everyone!

I have recently bought the LG Optimus One P500, & am very impressed with it.

Was thinking of upgrading the system to Gingerbread & on seeing many users having done so, I wanted to ask some questions on the upgrade :

1. The shopkeeper recommended me not to upgrade the system, as the phone & itís hardware is more suitable for 2.2, & upgrading will bring performance issues. On the other hand, I had heard somewhere that it also brings speed improvements over Froyo. So, what is actually true on the speed/performance front?

2. I remember that manually updating Nokia firmware was said to be very risky, since fault (electricity going, USB disconnecting, etc.) during the updating process could destroy the OS of the phone, resulting in permanent phone failure. Is it true while manually upgrading Android too?

3. HTC Wildfire S allows us to use the PCís Internet Connection on the phone via USB (opposite of tether) Is it a native feature of Gingerbread, or is that a special feature of the phone?

4. Are the improvements in 2.3 significant enough?

5. Will all the data (contacts, installed apps) remain safe?

6. Is it possible to downgrade back to Froyo after upgrading?

Thanks in advance,


1. What that shopkeeper told you was nothing but nonsense. Gingerbread does bring improvements in speed and performance, because gingerbread is designed to run on less system resources.

2. I haven't seen anything like that in any of the forums, though I definitely think it is a risk. To be on the safer side, ensure the computer is connected to a well working UPS while updating through PC Suite. If on the other hand you are flashing a custom gingerbread ROM, then there is no such risk because your phone is not connected to the computer. There is however the risk of bricking your phone if you dont follow all the instructions correctly. I haven't actually changed my ROM because I haven't really felt the need to do so, so if I am wrong, please correct me.

3. No idea. But why would you want to do that anyway?

4. Gingerbread is faster, has a better interface, and keyboard predictions are better for the android keyboard. Some apps require that we have gingerbread to work. Also, in applications like Skype, we need Gingerbread to use the front camera for video calling. But then, we dont have a front facing cam!

5. If you are updating through PC suite, then I guess the apps and data will remain safe. But in countries like India (where I am from), the 2.3 update isn't out yet. So if I want to upgrade to 2.3 today, I will have to flash a custom 2.3 ROM onto my phone. In that case, all contacts, apps, settings, etc. will be lost. But you can always backup your apps, app data, messages, contacts. You need to root your phone to backup the app data, but then you need to root to install a custom ROM!!

6. Yes, using KDZ updater. But I think your phone must be rooted for that. You can find tutorials on how to do so if you google for it. Another way to do it is to make a custom recovery of your 2.2 ROM (in case you updated to 2.3 without doing that, you can download it, just google it) and when you feel like downgrading, just flash the recovery file you previously made (or downloaded).
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