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Originally Posted by LaCeS OuT View Post
Here are 2 examples. The first is the stock app, second is Vignette. I tried Sunset WB on both. The stock one below is on Auto WB but the Sunset had a similar look. Photos were taken around dusk with no flash.



I think you're right now. I wasn't considering the settings. I called Verizon and they walked through some very basic troubleshooting steps but were not able to resolve the issue. They sent me a new phone which I received yesterday and the pictures no long have a blue tint to them. The video looks great now too. I think it was a defective sensor on the last phone. I was actually surprised they were going to play ball and send me a new phone even though I was well outside the 14 day return policy.

The technicians said they were unaware of this camera issue. I told them to check this forum and Motorola's to see there were others experiencing this. Who knows... I refuse to believe I'm the first call they've received regarding this.
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