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Originally Posted by nerys View Post
nono your missing it. in winmo we had the same problem and someone made a program that replaced the image with a NON TRANSPARENT image but that image was a "chunk" of the wallpaper.

so it would look "odd" when you slide left and right (the chunk would not line up) but one the core center home screen it would "line up" and be seamless if you cut it right.

so how do I replace the image with ANOTHER image. all I need are its dimensions so I know what "chunk" to remove from the image I am using as a wallpaper.
You could do that, but some phones use a .9.png for the notification bar, so you'd need to edit the image, compile the image and include it in the frameworks somewhere.. then flash the new theme. The image you need to edit is called statusbar_background.9.png in the /system/app/SystemUI.apk file. Again, this image will be in different places on different phones, you just need to find it.

By the way, nice trick
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