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Sorry, but i bought an Ipod touch just because the music player/playback on the Evo...SUCKSSSSSSSS....the sound qulaity in comparison is terrible. The Evo is not even close to apple when it comes to this. I had an old ipod that i used in my car aux to play music before i got the evo. I thought i would get rid of it and put all the songs on my evo. Well when i listened to songs from the aux of my evo they sounded horrible. Even using ear plugs there is a noticable difference. The Evo can compare. And i dont want to hear about this app or that app or blah blah. I've tried them all and no matter what the Ipod was still better. Then i thought well maybe i need to get some quality headphones and that would make a difference. Went and got some beats by Dre and the sound is still better coming out the ipod. Sorry, but when it comes to music playback, the Ipod wins easily.
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