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Originally Posted by dickalan View Post
1) So what will VM throttle you to in October? Cause either way I'll be throttled in a month or two after I signing up, and after using to 2gb. The t-mobile rep told me I would be throttled down to 2g speeds, aka the "edge" network I believe she said.

2) Also, since I've never had a data plan before I have no idea how much 2gb actually will get me on an android. Any good way of explaining this?

3) I've found out that the t-mobile "value" plans, you have to out-right by the phone's as well. So how does the "Optimus V" compare to the "Optimus T"? They're pretty much the same phone right?
VM with start throttling data after 2.5 GB,unless you tether or hotspot,2.5 should be more then enough for browsing streaming audio a couple hours a day,and using Google maps to navigate,add the fact you can connect to WIFI when available,you should be fine,as for the phones they are the same,as for overall service this depends on where you live and how good sprints coverage is.
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