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Originally Posted by drexappeal View Post
Exactly. That's why, when I read reviews where the main complaint is the User Interface, I basically ignore that and just read about any other complaints they might have. I compare the "other" complaints that they have and evaluate the different phones from there.
Good point about the issue of launchers and reviews. Usually the reviews devote a significant amount of time & verbiage to the launcher/UI which is a waste of time. In reality the UI should probably not even be in the review because unlike most other parts of the phone (and the review), e.g. the screen, radio, sound quality, camera quality, etc., the UI is almost completely and very easily changeable - while those other things in the review are impossible to change in the device by the user. Really, it would make a lot more sense for them to avoid reviewing the UI in device reviews altogether, then review the UI separately when a version of it comes out and maybe at the same time review/compare/contrast against new versions of LauncherPro, GO Launcher, etc.
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