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Originally Posted by DillonBladez View Post
But a follow up to that question, how long do you think the nook color will keep up with the growing family of tablets? I know that sooner or later, tablets will be outdated by others, but what about community support? The community devs do a much better job of updating devices than the original manufacturers IMO.

I'm not worried about pinch to zoom at all, but rather for the games that have on-screen joystick controls. My x10 didn't do very well with these, and my Desire has done only a mediocre job playing Guerilla Bob.

Not completely sure, but my mouse is wireless and has some sort of wireless usb dongle. I think it's connecting to my mouse via bluetooth, but it's used exclusively for the mouse (Can't connect to anything else with it). Do you think that would work? And also, what's the reasoning with not having two bluetooth reciever-thingies on the tablet? Is it that both would interfere, or is it because android doesn't know how to use both bluetooth-transmitter-reciever thingies at once? (Or maybe the same thing?)

Forgot to ask before, but what at percentage do you leave your screen brightness at, and how bright is the screen at max?

Do you watch movies on your NC often, Dave? If so, I was hoping you could provide a little insight on how it plays videos. Choppy, smooth, stuttery? I have a feeling that if I get the NC, I'll be watching a lot of anime that I've missed xD

And just asking this one out of the blue...
Does anybody know how apple gets their devices to scroll so damn smoothly? lol. I've switched from the iPhone to android, and the first thing I noticed was how choppy the scrolling was in comparison to Apple's. The pinch-to-zoom is also incredibly smooth as well on the 3gs and even the 3g as well.

From my times of using the iPhone, I used to type really fast (well, as fast as I could on an on-screen keyboard xP) but swiftkey on my desire doesn't seem to keep up with my thumbs. Say, if I type a 'w' and quickly type 'o' right after it with my other hand, it'll either do
a)Glitch out and not type anything
b)only type 'o'

Gotta love memegenerator

Also, as far as I know, there aren't any Barnes and Nobles in Canada?
The NC is a fantastic tablet for the price. No, it is not as nice as a Moto Xoom or iPad2 for various reasons, but it's also much cheaper. So it is a compromise. But the developing community has been real strong.

With that said, there are very few things the NC can't do that the others can. The better tablets have faster processors and graphics, and more memory built in. But the NC definately holds it's own.

Screen transitions are a function of hardware acceleration using the GPU. That wasn't available in Android until 2.3 (Gingerbread). So if your phone is running 2.2, it's not as smooth as it could be. Luckily, CM7 is based on the gingerbread kernel and things scroll pretty smooth.

Movies play fine. I routinely use mine at resturants to keep the kids occupied.
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