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Stores here is Buy before you Try because they don't allow rainchecks and Phones like the Wildfire Samsung Gio Nokia E7 Mini or whatever it's called
Are allways either non functional dummies or all boxed.
I tried the Wildfire S it seemed okay, but on closer examination it's small screen makes typing efficiently a pain in the ass.

Flash doesn't work very well on either Wildfires i did a comparison and loaded the same flash videos, they have such an appalling frame rate, and thing is, the stuff i was watching was made back when it used to be MACROMEDIA Flash, like stuff made in the 90's and early 2004
the processor on the phones just cannot run it efficiently, and that's something about Flash when i used to make content was that it was very small in it's file size (excluding rich content such as sound or integrated video (Mpg or AVI) content, but it does tend to chew a bit of CPU power to render it's content.

I read about basic stuff on improving it's processor by cutting out unnecessary background functions, but they did not make much difference, the keyboard still annoys me.
Games play slow, Angry birds is sometimes unplayable. the framerate is sketchy.

There's a program on the forums which supposedly fixes this by allowing you to change the resolution output, but i want to know what the malware status is on the app.

I'm still having doubts about whether or not Android is for me, it all seems too vulnerable being semi open sourced, and since a Mobile Phone is such a personal item which people tend to entrust allot of personal info about themselves, their logins activities, usage and contacts and email, the risk of compromise of an android system is just.. too uncomfortable.
and the sometimes hobson's choice with google connectivity is most unwelcome.
As for Antivirus, well.. i can imagine a long debate going on with that, and on a Wildfire more background programs means less CPU capacity free.

The only good things i will say about the Wildfire is that it's nicely built, it has a solid design, the camera is sweet, and it's a handy pocket friendly phone, but let down by it's limitations of a below ghz processor and the OS not being optimized for it's specs.
It's only really recommendable as a cheap devkit for someone who likes writing apps and widgets and needs a disposable phone to test them on.

It will impress someone who has not used a smartphone before, but someone like me who has had an Ipad and also sampled the IOS will not be impressed with the Wildfire, If it was a bit more powerful and it's software was ported to make use of it's sources for a decent but lite Android experience it would be something more recommendable.

For the time being, i am back to the drawing board with trying to figure out what mobile out of hundreds is right for me.
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