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Originally Posted by bjlabuk View Post

Ignore the JPF version and use the JPB version as there is only the one '.tar' file in the folder.

Follow the following instructions:

Before these steps make sure you have latest version of kies installed, it helps in keeping latest drivers installed.

1) BEFORE connecting your phone to the USB port of your PC, START ODIN (if using Windows 7 or Vista right click the ODIN.exe file and click 'run as administrator')
2) Check "One Package" checkbox
3) Check “Reboot” checkbox
4) Check "protect ops" checkbox (Don’t check this if you are flashing I5801 with I5800 firmware for the first time.)
5) Check "reset time" checkbox, keep the default value as it is i.e. 300 don’t select any other options.
6) Hit "reset files" button once.
7) Click OPS button and select the OPS file for I5800.
8) Click 'one package' and select the '.tar' you want to flash. The file must a .tar file.

9) You are about to connect your phone to the PC . If you want to take a backup of your data/apps then do this now. For that you can use Titanium Backup.
For backing up contacts and SMS.
A) go to contacts press menu/left most button select import/export option,
then export the contacts to sdcard.
B) For SMS use the app called SMS backup.

10) Switch off your phone and REMOVE your sdcard and sim card. Then switch on your phone and wait for the Home screen to appear. Now do a factory reset/ Hard Reset which should clear the cache. To Hard Reset your phone go to the keypad and type the code *2767*3855# (this will automatically start the process and wipe the cache and reset the phone).
Once the Home screen appears again switch off the phone. Now restart the phone in 'downloading mode' by pressing the 'home' (centre) + 'vol. down' + 'power' button together (the message 'Downloading.... Do not turn off target!!!' should appear on the screen, or 'Forced upload by Key pressing').

11) NOW connect your phone to PC using the USB cable.

12) ODIN will show yellow color and com port no. in the box near the top in ODIN (see photo above). IF ODIN does not detect your phone at this stage then something is wrong. Check your USB drivers etc and that your phone is in download mode.

13) Click Start and watch the progress bar (green color) in the top box (above the timer).

14) WAIT until PASS message appears in box (box will turn blue color).

15) At some point ODIN will displays the message 'disconnect serial port & wait until rebooting phone' in message box. Don't disconnect the phone just yet! Wait until you see the messages "Instant destroyed' and then ' Killed timer! '. It is then okay to disconnect the phone from the PC.

Let the phone boot (if it hasn't already). It may take some time 5-10 mins for first boot so don’t panic.

After reboot do a Hard Reset again. This will again clear the cache. Let the phone restart and wait for home screen to appear. If all okay then power off, put sim and sdcard back in and then power on.

Worked perfectly!!

I have downloaded I5800XXJPF from the link given in first post and extracted. I got 4 files with .tar.md5 extension. I have renamed them to .tar. Then instead of 'one packege' I have selected the individual packages.

Everything else I followed as given in this post and it worked perfect.

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