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I used this method last night (thanks for the head-ups re. this, Lex!) and for the most part, it worked wonderfully.

I should point-out a few little things that might help others that try this too:

1. You need to have rooted, stock .596 for this to go smoothly. I had installed a self-modified framework-res.apk that I manually backed-out just prior to trying to get the OTA. Well, it was either the plethora of (somewhat expected FCs) when backing this out or that fact that I had renamed BlurUpdater_VZW.apk to disable OTA, but when I re-activated the OTA capability (by putting BlurUpdater_VZW.apk back to normal and rebooting), I was presented with something unexpected: the check for system updates took me to a screen that said "Motorola Service Account Required" .

Turns-out (as far as I know), only a factory reset will fix this predicament. I wasn't too upset at having to do this, since I have TiBu and thought it was high-time that I wiped the slate clean, but I really didn't want to have run into this. I actually think it was the renaming of the BlurUpdater_VZW.apk file that did me in and caused this disconnect. Anyway, the factory reset allowed me to take the OTA just fine.

2. Just expounding on the sequence of events that I experienced. When I told the OTA to go-ahead and install, I watched the screen intently for any indication that it was finished. Well, I watched the progress bar that you get while the OTA is being installed and I never even saw it fill the progress bar up completely before the reboot started. I (somewhat nervously) pulled the battery when the red Droid eye appeared and was very relieved when ClockworkMod showed-up. I simply flashed the su/superuser .zip package, rebooted, and blammo, everything was cool .

So, at least I didn't have to SBF...which was nice......this whole process would've probably only taken 10 minutes if I hadn't had to factory reset.

Hope that helps.

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