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Unfortunately, when people give their valuations of Password Managers I don't know if they are looking for the same things I am looking for.
I'm looking for (in no particular order):

A. Has auto-exit or similar - if I give my phone to someone and have forgotten to close the password manager, they can't read my passwords.
B. Allows multiple files - I work for other people and I want to keep their passwords seperate from mine and each others
C. Allows me to put records in folders and sub-folders so that I can navigate quickly to the record I am looking for - categories and searches are only OK alternatives
D. Imports and Exports CSV files so that I can be confident that I can get my data to a new program sometime in the future or get my old data into it even if it takes a bit of effort
E. Allows me to copy records to act as templates for a new record
F. Allows me to use copy and paste to transfer data to another record or another program
G. Has a reasonably large notes field
H. Doesn't require network access - How do we know that the programmer isn't getting a list of my passwords?

Other people seem to be interested in:
I. Can Sync with my desktop - I and H together might be infeasible?
J. Enters directly into a browser
K. Is free
L. Has good support

I have been using Keylord on a Mobile Windows 5 phone. If I use 0 for bad, 1 for sort of good and 2 for good, its rating is:

Does anyone know of something that that is near A2B2C1D2E2F2G1H2 or better for the Android?

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