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Originally Posted by batkinson001 View Post
well any update is better than no update at all (or having one you had to jump through hoops to get)... when I was on Bell ( Also Known As Hell, some might say lol) my last phone was the Samsung Impact (T746) which was supposed to have OTA updates for its OS and firmware...

When they FINALLY released the first update, you couldn't get it OTA, you had to send it in, and Bell wouldn't do it unless there was something wrong with the phone (trying to use youtube (for mobile) always crashed my internet on the phone requiring a reboot)...

I much prefer being able to update the phone myself than having to send it in to be done... Hopefully there will be apps that can make up for the flaws and holes in the 2.3.3...

I personally have had good experiences with Samsung products... my lcd tv is rock solid, my old tower monitor is still working great after 5 years, and the fascinate is my 3rd samsung phone...
Hmmm, well there are 2 of these in our family. I have a Samsung TV which is good but I was ticked that they did not put external amplified analogue audio jacks. the ones they have are preamp out only and are not volume controlled. Hence bookshelf speaker cannot work, no audio powered outputs. I don't know where they get there engineers? Timbucktwo...they can't think in the real world.

Support and good firmware is everything. It makes it work correctly if it doesn't due to that I deem it defective and return it.
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