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Originally Posted by somewhatstock View Post
thats not how it works at all... if you look at the tail pipe when the nosss comes on, it blows blue fire out of it. it accelerates the car kind of like jet propulsion which actually helps traction because its accelerating without using the tires to power the car
You are incorrect sir. If you hit the nos too early your car will barely move. The fire is not jet propulsion, but rather the nos just burning out of your tail pipe. You want to hit it when the car will skid for just about a half second then catch traction.

To the other guy, I am not sure but I don't think that is actually traction control. I think that light is just there in case some people don't want the sound on. It just means "tires are skidding"

I am new to the game so I am not sure about my second point, but I am very sure about my first point. I have blown by many drivers in the early lvls of this game because they hit the nos while their tires were still spinning. The car just looks like it is sitting still. Sadly this stopped happening about lvl 4.

Also, to anyone that can help, I have a lvl 7 Am one-77 currently running 8.6xx, tuning and race style below. I would appreciate any advice to help compete with the 8.4xx and 8.3xx I see running in pro. (No specific tunes though. I want to figure it out somewhat on my own. I just don't know that much about tuning in general. I can play with the numbers but I don't know what they mean.)

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