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Makes me laugh indeed, Spoke to HTC at length yesterday

the call centre seemed to be scratching their heads over this issue

he offered to repair it again, yes i dont know if i mentioned it but it came back yesterday with the same issue

they wanted to get it back in to replace motherboard this time

but what makes me laugh even more, he said they have no contact with the repair centre and the repair centre only has outbound calls, so he could not talk to them directly ?

Leonard was the guy i spoke to, he seemed very helpful at first, but then could only offer this motherboard replacement, i said about having my phone software downgraded and explained i could see it returned again with the same issue, he said the service centre charges to downgrade the software and doesnt like doing it

I felt I hit a dead end with HTC and in the end, decided to talk to O2

and they offered a replacement and said it should have the old version installed as it was older batch and not to update until HTC have sorted it out

but more interestingly the repair/replacement centre @ o2 have not heard of the issue even though i quoted names from o2 i have read in forums.

i think he didnt believe me at first so he called me back on the landline, he asked me to turn off voicemail, not that it was enabled anyway, he then asked how much signal i have (3 bars H displayed) he then said HOLD for 2 mins, came back and said, " oh I see now " and he was going to let his team know of the issue

I tried to give him link to the forum here, and said not to read too much into forums, i said to get a better look at the issue, i suggest you read the forum!

I even posted a youtube video of the issue and posted it and my experiences on HTC's UK facebook page

i did get a reponse and that was please give us your ref no and we will investigate it internally !!

but since uploading the youtube video i have had no reply on the facebook wall

good luck peeps
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