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Originally Posted by drexappeal View Post
But it doesn't really slow the phone down. Yes, there's a "delay" on waking up the phone from standby, but would you rather be worried constantly whether your phone would or wouldn't get the "mute call" issue. If that was a hardware issue, that's one thing, but it was a software issue, so that doesn't mean your phone was exempt from possibly getting it later down the line.

That said, which would you prefer, "mute call issue" or "slight delay on wakeup"? Easy answer is neither, but if those are the only choices, I'd be willing to bet that majority (if not all) would want the slight delay on wakeup.
I would chose option 1 sir.

Well I THOUGHT the battery life was better but not really imo. Seems to be about the same for me if not a little worse. I'm already down to 42% and I dont think i've used it anymore more/less than I usually do. Normally i'm at around 55% at this time.

Not sure. I'll test it some more tomorrow when i'm actually at work on a normal schedule.
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