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Default General Guide to Prevail and Repository

The Samsung Prevail is an entry level Android 2.2 phone which fits well with the Boost CDMA network. Only capable of 3g speeds (CDMA), the Prevail has software limitations based on its low-end hardware. Many optional themes, apps and mods are available. Gingerbread 2.3.6 is now available on the Samsung Prevail.


1. Tip developers whose products you use, encourage Bloodawn/Koumajutsu (among others) to keep developing.

2. Battery life is at a premium (some people have to recharge every 12 hours)

Turn off GPS, wi-fi, sync, Bluetooth as much as possible; there is a great stock widget for easy access. Watch for apps that update too often (email), kill background apps, low signals, aftermarket batteries - all drain batteries. You can easily get 1-3 days from a battery charge if you’re careful.
Battery Life

3. Keep your battery cool; Prevail will reboot around 120 degrees.

4. Dalvik Cache is for speeding apps (.apk). It is good to occasionally clear (titanium backup) data as any necessary data will reload.

5. Read threads/posts (** FORUM SEARCH **) and test sufficiently; many question are already answered in posts or can be self-resolved by personal testing.

6. The Prevail has limited internal memory, transfer apps as possible to the microSD card, Titanium Backup works well.

7. Factory reset mode: Volume Up + Camera as you turn on the phone
7a. Download mode: (Odin): Volume down + Camera as you turn on phone
7b. Recovery mode: (also CWM): Volume up as you power on

8. Create a unique Gmail account to store contacts/calender and sync as necessary.

9. Direct number to Boost CS Representative: 877-438-8643

10. Restoring contacts (Gmail): You can restore contacts to a previous version


Rooting Prevail: [GUIDE][CTmod] Rooting the Prevail for Dummies (written by a dummy)

Change your MSL and PRL: link

Backup SMS/MMS and Call Log with Titanium Backup: [TIP] How to backup SMS/MMS and Call Log automatically with Titanium Backup

How to make backups and use them to your advantage: [TUT] how to make backups and use them to your advantage

Create an Infrastructure Network (instead of typical ad-hoc): Tethering Prevail to an Android Tablet via Infrastructure Mode

Connecting Bluetooth: [Guide] Bluetooth pairing - (Samsung Galaxy Prevail) Should Work For other Phones.

Adding Corporate email: Work Email on my prevail

Installing Ubuntu For ARM On {GB} Galaxy Prevail In chroot Enviroment Using Windows 7

Adding VPN: OpenVpn and Anyconnect

[TIP] Quick Baseband Switching

Speeding up 3g speeds

Add to the limited internal storage: [Guide]How to improve storage space

Boost Mobile automated MSL

Connecting Prevail to Windows 8


TWRP v2.2.2.1 Recovery for Prevail by Hroark13: GUI custom recovery tool

Root: Allows superuser access, necessary for many apps/mod: Rooting for Dummies

Study Guide to all things Root: [GUIDE] Noob's Guide to 'Galaxy Prevail -All Things Root' 0.3

Link guide for rooted Prevail: Samsung Galaxy Prevail: All Things Root Guide (updated 09/29/2012)

Odin: Recovery tool that can revert Prevail to stock if desired: Odin (Return phone to Stock/Factory)

Return to stock or 'unbrick': Tutorial on how to unbrick Phone PLEASE READ!

ClockWorkMod v5.0.2.7: ClockWorkMod: Highly recommended ROM tool.

CM9: [ROM][CM9 KANG][Alpha] Updated 3.5.5---6/27/12

CyanogenMod 7 Unofficial Beta 5 02/20/12

CTMod 3.75: A customization of Android that removes bloat and adds popular apps, results depend on version

187MoD-HoneyBread: A customization of Android 2.3.6 that removes bloat and adds popular apps.

LeWa OS Beta: [Rom][Port] LeWa OS Beta

JoyOS Beta (iPhone simulation): JoyMod 1.0

Essential apps:

Titanium Backup: This is the must have app for anyone that is rooted! Backup, restore and freeze everything on your phone including system data, apps and app data, settings and lots more. Also converts system apps to user apps and reverse.

Koumajutsu's SD-Card Partition Tool for Prevail: Koumajutsu's SD-Card Partition Tool for Prevail

Amazon app market and Google app market; some apps are market exclusive: Popcap games are Amazon only.

Wireless Tether For Root Users: A simple app that enables wi-fi tethering: Wireless Tether in Infrastructure Mode

Red Laser: Scans all barcodes; most apps won’t scan as the Prevail does not have an auto focusing camera. WILL work on Prevail but has to be installed from SD card. Need good lighting (no glare) and eventually your barcode will scan. Older version works with Prevail: RedLaser.apk

Angry Birds: Isn’t this the reason Android was created?

Account Payment (best deal known): $40 = $50 Boost credit: Prepaid Refill

Samsung Prevail USB Driver for Windows:

Samsung Prevail FAQs: Samsung

Thanks: vce2005, Tim K, Lordvincent90, Khorosho, lily0615, Shabbypenguin,downthemachine, Interdepth, Caeadas, Hroark13, Redneckrebel, Bloodawn, Jerry in WA, ron580, Viet1982, Necrotoxin, Koumajutsu, The~Skater~187, 76ford90lx, jtaylor781, blovadova, 52mike, johnny424, psp_noob, kristopher5823, kolosus, wyelkins, wetbiker7 and New Optimus
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