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Originally Posted by BlueBiker View Post
That would be awesome, it's just hard for me to believe they'd release something so advanced as their first dual-core w/LTE. Would expect them to milk an SGS2-alike on every carrier before trying to upsell buyers w/HD versions w/marginally faster CPU 3-6mo later.

FWIW, this "different but almost identical" thing sounds weird. I'm not hung up on identical, and we already knew it wasn't going to be called SGS2 on Verizon. So move a button or something and release the damn phone already!
Look at it this way: Verizon put out the Droid Charge months ago and it already has the same Super AMOLED Plus display at WVGA resolution found in the SGSII. It is also LTE capable. The only thing lacking is the CPU/RAM needing an upgrade. How do you make a phone with improved specs over the SGSII? It's not likely going to be more processor cores, though it could be a bump in clock speed. I think they'll need LTE as to not be a step backwards, and they're not putting an additional 1GB of RAM if it already has 1GB. All that leaves is the display size/resolution and SA HD has been leaked all over the place at this point. It seems inevitable. Probability-wise, here's what I think we can expect:

*Dual-core (Exynos or OMAP 44xx) clocked ~1.5GHz give or take
*16GB internal memory (desparately needed coming from the Fascinate/Charge)
*~4.6" Super AMOLED HD pentile display (1280x720 effective)
*5MP HQ camera / 1080p video capture / 2MP FFC

There has been talk of ICS not being ready and I think if it's truly the Nexus Prime pure Android experience phone, Google won't much have a problem getting the hardware out in October running on Gingerbread to compete with the iPhone 5. They can always push out ICS, when ready, within a month or two, exclusively to the Nexus Prime. The only trick is that ICS is supposed to eliminate hardware dedicated buttons at the bottom of the screen altogether. In the interim, Samsung could be adapting the Prime to have a ROM-based "always on" button set at the bottom of the screen to interface with Gingerbread as a stop-gap measure to be ICS-ready.

So that's just my speculation. If it brings a smile to a face or two, or instills some hope, my job here is done.
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