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Originally Posted by kyler13 View Post
Look at it this way: Verizon put out the Droid Charge months ago and it already has the same Super AMOLED Plus display at WVGA resolution found in the SGSII. It is also LTE capable. The only thing lacking is the CPU/RAM needing an upgrade. How do you make a phone with improved specs over the SGSII? It's not likely going to be more processor cores, though it could be a bump in clock speed. I think they'll need LTE as to not be a step backwards, and they're not putting an additional 1GB of RAM if it already has 1GB. All that leaves is the display size/resolution and SA HD has been leaked all over the place at this point. It seems inevitable.
Superb analysis Kyler, thx. It's weird to consider the Charge's SAMOLED+ screen being the weak link in an SGS2 type phone, but I'd agree that a higher res screen is more likely than other improvements. I'd be pleasantly surprised if we receive something faster than 1.2GHz Exynos as Sammy's first dual-core LTE.

Perhaps a different body necessitated by LTE could explain the non-identical aspect, although Celox seems to suggest thinness and LTE aren't mutually exclusive.
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