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Originally Posted by Watchinufrap View Post
Android is watching you fap.

Well what does the Wildfire claim it could do?
I saw reviews the things they complained was SNCA (S**t nobody cares about) like "the camera is not as nice as the Desire"
and "screen resolution is not as nice as the Desire" everything else was nitpicks.

I dunno if my phone is defective or anything but when i finally got my Sim activated and went online i found basic internet browsing uncomfortable and Typos are allways going to happen for me because the keyboard keeps slowing down while i type.
I turned off all the autocorrect and word suggestions.
I used the Launcherpro to change the resolution, i dunno where that app went it's nowhere to be found now, i just went back to old HTC sense and it's gone i cannot find it

Rooting seems attractive, but i have concerns, as rooting means taking away security functions, i am not a coding expert and do not have allot of time to spare for this,
i just find even the simplest things such as typing an email, VERY painful, typos its slow it's buggy i have to type VERY VERY SLOWLY otherwise it just lags and ends up registering
"Hey i am back how are you?" as "Hey am baelhor arwyoi/"

and i hate when i scroll and it takes seconds to respond, oh and when i zoom in or resize it's only like once or twice where it's actually responded, i can pinch the screen over and over again and it takes 15 seconds or so before it finally responds.
Not to mention when i play Angry birds it's all choppy, even with the output changed to 420p if that's what it was if i remember it correctly, it still does not seem to have improved it much.

I dunno about the CPU reading, i cannot read it correctly but i mean, i don't have many apps at all running, i disabled allot of unnecessary crap and removed redundant widgets, still slow still intolerable, and according to the specs readings whatevers running on the android OS doesn't even seem to be using that much memory anyway.

Oh and the screen takes a long time before switching from horizontal to vertical.
Has anybody else experienced this?
i think if you had some time to experience my Wildfire you would understand why i am mad with HTC they should be fined for this! they probably have no customer call center just to avoid complaints just like this!

EDIT: Just thought i should elaborate with browser being slow, typing in fields tends to be very slow to respond, also pressing on screen buttons sometimes takes more than 2 presses it's all to do with the browser not working very snappily because of the hardware possibly.
The connection is not the issue, only the mobile unmetered mobile websites can be viewed reasonably but not perfectly well, stuff like facebook mobile is very jittery and not at all smooth, it's just an all around unpleasant mobile experience, when i buy a watered down phone i was hoping for watered down resolutions and graphics so that the smoothness and speed of apps is not affected by the cheaper hardware, similar to how a Console game has watered down graphic quality and resolution detail to allow for a game that can be played properly despite the dated hardware.

It's better to play Bioshock at 30 fps with a 20% graphical quality decrease than full on graphics and an 18 frames per second framerate that is inconsistent.
So now i know HTC Wildfire S is really an improved version.
I have never experienced so much slowness on my phone as you mentioned. Even i browse many sites, watch videos, but havent experienced so much of slowness.
Also the buttons work very well, no lag and wont take long to respond.
And also no problem with screen switching from vertical to horizontal view.
This phone supports quite a good number of games too which can be played without any lag.
I just like this phone, a good device for its price.
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