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Originally Posted by Grenovic View Post
Quite the contrary, actually. At the time, I was just very frustrated and was looking for answers in all the wrong places. Needless to say, I tried your method numerous times but to no avail.

After a conversation I had last night, it was suggested that I do a factory reset and then try upgrading the firmware. And as hesitant as I was to do that knowing I'd lose my apps (the phone isn't rooted so there's no TI backup), I did it regardless. Finally, I am running gingerbread.... and I might have lost some hair in the process as well.
Newbie was based on the number of posts on this forum. Nothing else, the upgrade process is not always smooth. I have always had problems the first time of each attempt. Clean starting both the PC and the phone should help short of wiping the phone as you did. Maybe an app was causing the conflict or affecting the USB port. I got to go int the downloading to the phone on the 3rd try and I wasn't certain of the results until done. Its unnerving and It was not rooted in my case. But success.

I suspect its bugs in Samsung's updating script. Now maybe 2.3.4 will come out and we'll be at the best for the platform. Speed response is still slow. My contacts tack a few seconds to appear and I don't have a huge list. A fraction of what was in my Palm Treo. I still haven't migrated them all or the notes I had either into this. It labour intensive and I don't want to do it over and over. I still use the Palm Desktop PIM and really mis that feature data syncing is so easy and reliable.
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