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thanks for your response.

with respect due to you sir/ma'am, my questions are still not answered.

have you ran the handset in a factory reset state with no apps installed? if you have and the and phone STILL showed the same issues then thats one thing, however if the phone behaved properly then it would be wise to go down the list of apps ..installing one at a time.. until you find a culprit.

just saying others have problems does not mean the handset itself is just a bad handset. each users' environment and setup is different from the next and troubleshooting is required in each case.

i would wager to say an overwhelming majority of evo 3D users doo not experience the issues you are experiencing. if so, there would be some type of response from HTC.

i do admit since the handsets are massed produced, some are bound to have issues.. this is true of anything built on an assembly line.

so sure you ran the same apps on another handset. since that handset there have been OS upgrades on the htc evo 3D that could break some apps you were using.. it happens.. devs update as they can.

again, to put us all on the same page, why not factory reset and try the handset for s day in factory mode. see what happens..

could be you are running close to a low ram memory status and this could cause some issues with other things that need system memory... live wallpapers, widgets, app cache....

ive got 25 ish + apps on the evo 3D all stored on an SD card and i have had zero issues out out of the device. so lets see if we can help you with your situation and get your evo 3D working as it should?

to answer you direct question, ive personally not had any crash reports and thus have not yet needed to send anything to HTC. however i would so it could hep them gain this intelligence and possibly use it to enhance a future maintenance update.
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