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Originally Posted by marctronixx View Post
thanks for your response.

with respect due to you sir/ma'am, my questions are still not answered.

have you ran the handset in a factory reset state with no apps installed? if you have and the and phone STILL showed the same issues then thats

i would wager to say an overwhelming majority of evo 3D users doo not experience the issues you are experiencing. if so, there would be some type of response from HTC.

Well at least for me, I am now on my second replacement Evo 3D. This now makes the third randomly resetting / locking up E3D.

1. All three phones randomly rebooted or locked up. This is despite numerous hard resets on each.

2. The last one was run as factory stock after all updates were downloaded (I just did a hard reset late last week) and has been run stock up until this morning. Same behavior. It is unrelated to applications downloaded.

3. There are tons of people having exactly the same issues with the Evo 3Ds. Besides the random lockups and reboots, particularly the locking up with the screen dark and buttons lit.

4. There doesnt have to be a response, press release, or MR from HTC for a significant problem to exist within a significant number of handsets - especially if it is something random and hard to replicate on demand in front of store personnel or further up the RMA chain.
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