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Originally Posted by Spewy View Post
I for one am keen on the 8.9, to me it is the perfect size, I have the 10.1 which is great but imo just a touch on the large side, the table 7 is just a touch on the small side so the 8.9 is going to be perfect. I think Samsung realise that there is a large market for this size and I think a lot of manufacturers will follow suit.
Understood....then why make the 7" ?

As I said, I get there is a market for full sized tablets / pads. I also get that there is the audience that feels the full sized tablets / pads are too big, but their 3.5-4.5" phone screen is a little too small.

But why split the market again at 8.9 if you've already put out a 7" to hit the "in between" market? Would you expect Samsung to maintain the 7" & 8.9" ?

Originally Posted by badankles View Post
Choices are a good thing. That's why most of us prefer Android over certain other OS.
It's fine and all to say that "choices" are a good thing....but there are consequences (just like with everything else) of having too many choices.

From Samsung's perspective.....why fragment your audience more than needed? ESPECIALLY in the Android Market, why further increase fragmentation?

Will it release with Honeycomb or Gingerbread?

Will it have the 1.5 Ghz Dual core, or will it have the 1.0?

How does this play with developers?
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