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Originally Posted by NightAngel79 View Post
Hmm, I've not had overheating issue but low on space was a pain though that had nothing to do with sense, it was a HTC mistake that was handled (i hear) on their other phones already. (Hopefully)
Never had the overheating issue either, but just the other day I got the low space notification. I also have an Incredible 2 and put ons of stuff on it & have yet to see it. So I think you're right on that NightAngel, and hopefully they address the issue for the Inc1 with the GB update, if it ever shows it's face again. I wonder if anyine who applied the RUU of the OTA that was pulled has been able to notice if it solved the low space issue.

Back to the topic at hand, I am eligible for my last annual upgrade also, and I'm looking hard at the Vigor. I had the Tbolt for a while but ended up having quite a few issues with it. After the Inc2 came out I watched the reviews by editors & endusers and was sold. So far no issues with the Inc2 and I like the feel better than the Tbolt.

Now my question. The issues I had with the Tbolt (ones that had to do with design & manufacturing) were the sporadic battery life and the feel in the hand. Obviously we won't know anything about the battery life until it's out for a while, but the feel in the hand was one thing that really irked me.

First the width of the Tbolt made it hard for me to use it one handed. Looking at the pics in this thread, it looks like the Vigor is more like the Droid X (tall & narrow) and less like the Tbolt (short & wide). Is that just me or anyone else agree?

Second, the weight. After handling an Inc2 and a Tbolt, the weight difference is noticeable. I'm wondering if it has to do with the LTE radio or something else. Anyone care to speculate?

As far as the Droid Prime, after using HTC exclusively, I'm very hesitant to switch to Samsung. I know a few people who love Samsung phones, but they never really did anything for me. Plus I tried using other Verizon android phones in the store. If I had to I think I'd go to Samsung before Moto (and I used to be a diehard Moto fan with their flip phones). Now I haven't had the chance to try out the newest Blur, but after trying out the X2 & Charge, I'd still rank it Sense, Touchwiz, then Blur. I'd like to try a stock android, but I have my doubts with the Droid Prime being stock, especially with the Droid moniker ahead of it. It sounds less like a Nexus and more like what happened with Verizon's Nexus One (cancelled and replaced with the similar spec'd Incredible 1). Hopefully this next month will shed some light here.
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