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Originally Posted by LarryBrown View Post
Carnivex is the kind of simplistic user that is so frustrating to talk to, they give useless answers to problems because they don't think very deeply and don't use much of the device. Carnivex, the OP specified "manually typed in," so what good is it to remind him that gmail contacts are backed up to Google? Gmail contacts aren't manually type in to the phone. If anyone knows of a way that ALL contacts get backed up to Google (and anything less than that is totally useless), I'd like to hear about it.
I resent that comment about me being simplistic. I would rather you actually decided to get to know me before posting "random" comments about me that is in fact far from the actual truth!.

AND "Manually typed in" contacts gets ported to google too, provided you select the contact type as "Google Contact" and are not as unobservant as not to realise the phone generally defaults to "Phone Contacts" . You can however make the phone default to Google Contacts as the general kind of contacts to make rather then phone contacts.

I personally did that, as I was personally fed up with having to do manual backups once in a while, as well as having to backup/restore contacts every time I swapped phones. Now its just a matter of setting up my Google Account on the new android phone and hey presto in 2 mins tops I have all my contacts and what not on my phone.....

Its not being simplistic, its about seeing the clever things you can do with the things at hand and implement them so you can work smarter and NOT harder . Having to do backups munally is prone to getting missed and thus loss of contacts can occur .

Oh and a finishing note, any present contact on the phone can be changed into a Google Contact after having been created. Mind you you get a popup stating that you "might" lose some of the information, but so far as I have seen I haven't actually lost any contact information doing that, yet...
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