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Originally Posted by krazykaigh View Post
I Rooted phone with Superoneclick, this is after the April or May (Verizon or Motorola) update that disallows z4 or easyroot or dorootwin (NONE OF THEM WORK NOW... Don't believe the hype. As of August 25, 2011, I could only get SuperOneClick to root my Droid Pro
It's true that those options you mentioned don't work for root, but in addition to SuperOneClick, aRoot works as well. But if you don't want to hook up to a computer to root/unroot, the Gingerbreak 1.2 works for rooting/unrooting directly on the phone with the last version of Froyo installed (it won't root the Gingerbread update, just Froyo).

Have fun with Cyanogen. I liked it, but too many things were missing for me to keep it on my phone. Once they get everything worked out on the Pro, then I'll give it another look.
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