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Originally Posted by tribesun75 View Post
Hey all. I have a question about Quadrant. I downloaded this app after hearing about it in an off topic thread and had a question. I'm running Cm7, Tiamat SBC, and V6 Supercharger (the latest on all.) I noticed on the info screen of Quadrant:

ARMv7 Rev2 (v71)
Current: 1190.4
Max: 1267.2
Min: 128

I have a score of 1528. My Quadrant's assertation that my Max is 1267.2Mhz based on the program and my individual OG Evo? Is it telling me I should be able to OC it up to that range (not that I plan too other than too see what kind of #'s I get) or is it just generalized. Yes I'm fairly new to the whole rooting process.
I will take a stab at an educated guess for you. It is my guess that the Kernel allows you to overclock to 1267.2, however this may or may not be stable enough to allow you to run your phone. It is also my guess that you are currently overclocking to 1190 and that is why the readout is giving you that information. Just like any computer just because you can overclock it to a certain point doesn't mean you should.

Again this is just a guess.
Will work for Thanks!
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