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Originally Posted by tribesun75 View Post
Hey all. I have a question about Quadrant. I downloaded this app after hearing about it in an off topic thread and had a question. I'm running Cm7, Tiamat SBC, and V6 Supercharger (the latest on all.) I noticed on the info screen of Quadrant:

ARMv7 Rev2 (v71)
Current: 1190.4
Max: 1267.2
Min: 128

I have a score of 1528. My Quadrant's assertation that my Max is 1267.2Mhz based on the program and my individual OG Evo? Is it telling me I should be able to OC it up to that range (not that I plan too other than too see what kind of #'s I get) or is it just generalized. Yes I'm fairly new to the whole rooting process.
1267 is the max that the Evo's processor can be OC'ed. Someone may make a kernel to oc higher but it's not recommended. Most Evo's can oc to 1190 and still be stable be there are few that can go higher
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