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Originally Posted by Zoandroid View Post
I'm wondering if anyone else is having frequent spontaneous reboots of velocity 1.1, especially while overclocked? I cut back from 768 to 748 and then to 729 to try and stop them. It runs fine at any of those speeds without ever seeing a kernel panic, but it will silently reboot itself, sometimes a few times a day. I'll see the notice of 'unclean shutdown' at the top when it happens during times when the screen is off, but sometimes it will reboot in mid-use. Usually while online or working with emails.

I have to wonder if the cpu is feeling its age because of the OC, despite that I only ever went as high as 787? I bought this Ally on the release date last year. Is anyone else with an Ally of this age seeing similar issues using velocity?
My Ally is about that age and that happened to me for a day or two. If i had a few things running in the background and use the internet it would reboot. I suggest watching how much you have in the background and widgets and so forth. Im overclocked at 787 and its running fine now; no kernel panics.
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